San Leandro Police Department Joins Us

We are proud to have the support of and collaboration with our local San Leandro Police Department (SLPD). From the City’s San Leandro Next blog:

The significance of this public-private partnership is not to be underestimated. PhaseSpace has made leaps and bounds since its original iteration, creating environments that would traditionally carry a high liability. At present, the program addresses numerous stressful aspects of Police training, including de-escalation of tense circumstances, active shooter situations, and extreme driving scenarios.

The VR environment is very realistic, which makes the training experience that much more impactful. …

The most significant take-away is that PhaseSpace has been able to create a program that places officers in very realistic training scenarios and enables a highly effective learning environment without the risk of real-world damage or injury.

We look forward to collaborative fun, making sure we safely training police officers who face dangerous situations every day.